G1000 NXI autopilot

After 170 hours of flying, after watching every possible tutorial on Youtube, it’s time to ask here for help. I still can’t get Autopilot working correctly. I have CDI on GPS mode, press Nav and normally that should direct me to the next waypoint.

When I load a flightplan made with Sky4sim or Navmap, the plan shows up correctly in my Garmin and on my Sky4sim pad. When I hit Nav, autopilot steers into a random direction and keeps flying that way. No logic in why it’s flying to that direction.

When I make an extremely basic flightplan in FS2020 itself, after taking off, Nav does work. It heads into the direction of the waypoint. But when I turn AP off and on again… this happens. It flies about 45 degrees away from the waypoint line, turns back, flies over the waypoint line again, turns back and so on. It’s constantly zigzagging in the general direction of the waypoint instead of flying in a direct line.

It is driving me crazy. I just can’t figure out how to simply set AP to fly to the next waypoint. I do have a feeling that something is very broken, I just can’t find any logic in what the AP is doing and it seems to be doing things different in a random way everytime I try it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Bear in mind, on most aircraft, you need to hand fly, or use heading mode to intercept the flight plan course.
Plan to intercept at no more than a thirty degree angle.
A lot of the jetliners will automatically intercept, not so with the smaller planes…

Thanks, but even when I aiming straight at the waypoint and turn on Nav, it flies away in a random direction… in general my flightplan goes from north to south and the AP decides it wants to fly to the east instead of to the waypoint. I increased the timespeed to see what it was doing but it just kept flying to the east.

I don’t know how far away you are from the flightplan path, but you do have to be almost exactly on the flightpath before you engage nav if you are handflying.
If you are using heading mode you can have nav enabled as well as heading, but it will still have to be close to take over. The plane shouldn’t veer away if you are on heading.

I am literally flying over the path, heading into the correct direction :slight_smile: And as soon as I turn on NAV, it flies off into a seemingly random direction, completely away from the flightpath.

Like @TheSevenflyer says, you have to be reasonably close to the magenta line to get nav mode to kick in. Try using the HDG knob to set an intercept course AND have both the HDG and NAV modes selected. As you get close to the magenta line, HDG will automatically switch off and NAV should take over.

Is this on the Kodiak by any chance? I ask because it has a known “seeking” problem that will be addressed with the next update.

What aircraft are you using?

Ah, should have mentioned that, sorry. C172.

No it’s with the Cessna 172. I just replied to sevenflyer, I was flying directly over the magenta line, waypoint straight ahead of me when I turned AP on - and then AP steers to a direction completely off course.

Btw - Just before I posted this I had another flight where I tested this and when I turned AP off it starting to pull up completely, I had to push my joystick completely forward to fly straight. My trim slider was in the middle. Now I just read another post where someone mentions he turned off his trim slider because it caused issues with AP… I will experiment with that. Something is really causing the AP to completely act up :-/

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Are you using the joystick buttons to enable the AP and its modes, or from buttons in the cockpit?

No I fly in VR and control the AP buttons with my mouse.

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I assume you have the flight director on.
Other than that, I’m at a loss, as I don’t have that issue, but I’m not VR.
Here is a link to the WTGarminNXI discord site, maybe they may have an answer for you!

This may be a dumb question given your logged hours, but are you using the Working Title G1000 NXi “mod” from the marketplace?

A screenshot that shows your AP status (top of PFD) when you see this issue would be helpful to understand if you have it set correctly.

Hi Nixon, yes I do. I’ll try uninstalling it to see if that somehow causes this issue.

Thank you, I’ll check the discord :slight_smile:

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Check the thread here on the NXi. I recall someone having an issue like you and it had a number of back and forths before it was solved.

I will, thanks. I checked all posts I could find about Autopilot (at least I know now that I’m not the only one having issues like this :slight_smile: ) but didn’t search for NXi specifically.

Good news. I uninstalled and reinstalled the mod and now everything works perfect… should have tried that first before watching G1000 tutorials for hours to figure out what I was doing wrong :smiley:
Thx for the help all!

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Does g1000 update need to downloaded as thrid party?