G1000 NXi Map Topo NEXRAD Zoom Issue?

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Loaded C&D into the Caravan with a preset weather of rain and was setting up my G1000NXi map options and ran into an oddity with the zoom levels.

I have the Map Opt to TER Topo and NEXTRAD On.

When I set the zoom to <=4NM I see normal colors for Topo, 5NM the map turns solid orange, 7.5NM solid orange, 10NM normal, 15NM solid green, 25NM solid orange, >=40NM normal.

Is this the expected behavior? I’ve not seen how NEXRAD looks on Xbox before.

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Preset weather to Rain. Load Caravan at KTNP parking 19. Turn on avionics, set Map options to Topo, set NEXTRAD on. Change zoom level of map. Observe.

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Xbox Series X

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This is also occurring with the HSI map, too, but at different zoom levels with different solid colors.

As I’m flying, the map(s) keep cycling from various solid colors (orange, green, deep reddish orange) and normal.

This part is correct real-world NXi behavior: NEXRAD is disabled at 4NM or under. The rendering issues on XBox have been logged, though, thanks.


I just checked out the 1.27.11 update to the beta and wanted your input on NEXRAD for Xbox.

Since I’d never seen NEXRAD before, is this the correct implementation?:

Thanks, Matt!

Do you have a weather preset or user defined weather selected, as opposed to live weather?

Yes, since it never ever rains, I’m using the Rain preset for testing.

Then yep, looks perfect. The rain present will have a somewhat uniform set of preciptation like you see in your screenshots.

NEXRAD in general (in the sim and in real life) is not high resolution like a dedicated onboard weather radar, so the resolution looks correct, and the NEXRAD draw distance looks to be about 150NM, which is also correct for the sim.

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Awesome, and thank you for your prompt attention.

Fixed in 1.27.11 update.

EDIT: incorrect version number

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Hi Bisop, Is is normal to only see NEXRAD with map detail above 1. Detail one doesn’t show anything. Other than that it looks to be working.

Yes, that is correct behavior per the real unit. :slight_smile:


NICE!!! Thanks.

FIxed for me too then :slight_smile: