G1000 on separate screen?

Is it possible to get a G1000 simulation for PFD & MFD and, to be shown on a separate screen/monitor?

Basically, I want to ‘break-out’ the PFD & MFD and put on a separate screen (below and in front, of my 3 x 32" curved-screen monitors).

right alt and click the display to pop it out. Click on the little box in the upper right corner to detach it and there you go. But be for warned, when click on the mfd or whatever else and it pops out only the vid display pops out the controls remain on the cockpit dash and you have to control them from there. Pretty stupid right.

Theres a thread around here somewhere about multiple window support and this will probably get moved there, but there you go thats how you do it and what you get in a nutshell .

As @BubbaBlitz7348 stated you can pop out the digital displays to another monitor using the method he described. It’s cool because you can look around and always have your displays available in front of you, even if you’re using external or drone camera views.

The ideal though (IMHO) is popping those displays out on touch monitors and using Air Manager. You can use Air Manager’s G1000 bezels and use the buttons and knobs from the touch screen vs controlling them in your virtual cockpit with your mouse. Add a Knobster (a dual stacked rotary encoder with push button made to work with Air Manager), and then you can work the knobs on the screens just like the knobs on the G1000 or other common cockpit controls.

In this setup below, I’m running a pair of 15.6" touch monitors. In this photo, I have a steam gauge C172 set up. The right hand screen, you can see the GNS 530/430 units that are completely controlled by the touch screens and Knobsters (mounted to the right side of the screens). I could just as easily switch this to dual G1000s. Or dual G3000 for the TBM or Longitude. Or airliner controls if I was into that.

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First, thanks so much for sharing your experiences with your sim. I have two touch screens and the knobster. I am running Air Manager 4.0 with MSFS 2020. Just installed it about two weeks ago. I am very impressed. I have added the G1000 (free ) bezel to the blank panel. I name the panel, choose the screen for display, choose locked, input is default, locked, always on top, knobster A, and transparent. When i go to the airplane none of the knobs or buttons work. What am i doing wrong. Thanks for any help

Do you see this is the bottom right corner of your Air Manager window?


Also, what exact version o AM do you have? THe most recent version is 4.0.2.