G1000 - Remove the 3D view?

Hey all,
I’m more of a traditional instrument guy, and I’m finding it difficult to love the G1000’s 3D background (where you can view scenery and airports like a 90’s sim).

Is there anyway of removing the background 3D view and just keep the instruments?
Does anyone know if this is moddable even?

The workingtitle G1000 has this feature and more.


Thank you. I can’t find any kind of reasonable documentation for this. Am I missing instructions on how to use it?

I’m not sure this mod does what I’m requesting.
In the LEFT MFD/PFD, I want the background 3d view to disappear entirely, and just be left with the graphics for the instruments

Press the PFD softkey, then SYN VIS. You’ll have the option of turning it off.

Thank you!
This is really close to what I’m looking for, but if there was a way for the background to just be black, I’d be over the moon.

I wonder if I can mod it.

There’s no real life Garmin like that. People tend to like these things emulating the real thing when they mod to make them closer to real life. Unless you learn to do it yourself, I think that interest in a mod like that would be very limited and unlikely to happen.

I solved it by modding the files. Thanks all!


Good job! You got it looking just like you wanted.

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