G1000 screens don't work as shown on-line

Hi Everyone, I have an uncannny feeling that the answer to my problem is obvious, but…
I have my G1000 PFD and MFD on two external touchscreen monitors with Knobster and Air Manager (Cessna 172S) but a few of the functions don’t seem to function as suggested after viewing many youtube vids. For instance the Range/Pan button on the MFD does nothing on the MFD but the range adjust changes range on the PFD inset chart. I’ve also tried as well with the mouse. On the PFD I can’t get to any options on the menu but delete etc., can’t get to Activate. Any help much appreciated. Thanks.

On the MFD G1000 bezel, you need to go to its properties and ensure it’s set to be the MFD, or else it defaults to PFD for both. This is true for both the Sim Innovations G1000 and Simstrumentation G1000NXi bezels.

PS: This being an Air Manager question vs a MSFS question, it probably would have been answered quicker had you posted it on the Simstrumentation Discord server.

Thanks againCrunchmeister71, that has of course done the trick. I take your point about going to AM but I didn’t know which it would be.

Since this involves Air Manager and Knobster I have moved this to Third Party Addon Discussion. We ask that people not ask questions in General Discussion.

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