G1000 waypoints by latitude/longitude

Is it possible to add a waypoint to the G1000 using latitude and longitude? I’ve looked up YouTube tutorials that people have created with actual G1000s, but the game never seems to have the right options (either that or I’m not doing it right).

I don’t think default G1000 or even WT NXI allows for user defined lat long waypoints. This is one of the more advanced/obscure features of G1000 that is missing from all three sim platforms at the moment. I think it has something to do with interface of G1000,rotary knobs, and how it needs to be done programmatically in sim that makes it not feasible. It is easier to do with touch screen GPS’s like GTN or G3000.

Thank you!

you can create user waypoint with little navmap and import the flight plan. You should find in the garmin the waypoint you create

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