G2 controllers and OVR toolkit

I have a problem that somebody may have fixed already.
I use a HP Reverb G2 and fly VFR on line. As I’m using SteamVR to drive the headset I also use OVR Tools to bring Swift, Teamspeak and PDFs into the cockpit. This work OK, needs a bit of tweaking. But my problem is the controllers turn themselves off after 10 minutes of inactivity (I don’t interact with the OVR Tools all the time) and FS2020 really doesn’t like this and takes two or three minutes to start rendering things to the headset again. The sim seems to pause while this is going on but it’s a bit of an immersion killer and VATSIM will not like it, cause havoc on finals.
Ive searched the internet and all the settings I can find but cannot stop the controllers turning themselves off. Any ideas.

There is a setting in “SteamVR Settings” > “Startup / Shutdown” > “Turn off controllers after” I have set to never which works fine with my Valve Index controllers but does not work with the G2 controllers and not sure why.

Yep tried that one and the one in Device Manager Hid/Power management/Allow computer to turn off device (unchecked). Neither had any effect, they still turn off after 10 min of inactivity. Very frustrating.

It is why I have a HTC Vive Pro 2 on pre-prder so I can have native SteamVR support while using MSFS.

I read that OVR Toolkit has a simulator mode so you can control it without using the controllers. F8 supposedly pulls up an OVR menu and other keys allow you to control the functions. I haven’t tried it yet as I just purchased OVR toolikit but will get to it very soon. Google it and let me know if it works! Right now I use a wired gamepad to pull up the steam dashboard and open a desktop window. I’m hoping I can program the gamepad buttons for use with OVR toolkit though.

Thanks for the suggestion. That’s exactly what I was going to try next. I’m not sure how using button to control ovr windows works but will do some experimenting. It may be the solution.

Had a quick go and simulator mode looks very promising. I need to find some more buttons as I use VR from a VR cockpit for X-Plane where I have all the cockpit buttons and knobs replicated. No keyboard anywhere near.

Not free but I have been using Voice Attack to do many things in the VR cockpit that might help in your situation. It allows you to map custom keyboard key combos to a voice command.

That’s great news that it looks promising. I’m realy hoping to get this working better than the steam dashboard method I mentioned. That works well but it’s not perfect. Anyway, the voice attack idea is a good one. I have that software so I’ll keep that in mind.

But here’s a suggestion for the “I need more buttons” comment. In DCS there’s this thing called modifier buttons. You can use these to have combinations of buttons which ultimately doubles or triples the amount of commands you can control with your buttons. Well I recently found you can do the same in MSFS. Basically I leave one button without any assignment. That becomes my “modifier” button. So now any other button can perform 2 functions. Function 1 when you press the button alone and function 2 when you press the modifier button in combination with that button. So that’s a method to have more buttons. All the commands allow you to use “combinations of buttons” when you assign it.

You can also bypass SteamVR and OVR Toolkit and bring the entire desktop to VR from the Cliff House.

@stekusteku Tried that first. But there is not enough room in the cockpit for the whole desktop with the four app I use on it. It didn’t work for me.

@Mayhem6633 Thinking about it further I only need the extra buttons to set the windows up and I can organise a keyboard for that. After I assign them to a profile and they are in the cockpit I only use click and click/drag when interacting with the apps. So it should work with only one button mapped as left mouse button. Anyhow that’s the theory have yet to put into practice. Got a group VATSIM flight tonight, but be using X-Plane for that fs2020 isn’t ready yet.

Hi @SparkerInVR i saw your YouTube on the G2 and OVR toolkit. I seem to remember the voice recognition was not that great. Have you got it working better? I tried PlaneCommand a while ago and just couldn’t get on with it. Couldn’t get it to change frequencies accurately and let’s face it that’s one of the main things you need. I guess I just couldn’t cope with my English accent. Got a refund from Lee which was pretty good.

The only trouble I have with Voice Attack is I forget to stop talking so it will hear the command correctly. I have been quite happy with it and will continue to use till we get proper VR controller support in MSFS.

I also use Plane Command in X-Plane and do not have many issues with it working correctly for me.

I may be more forgiving because I hate using a mouse in VR :grinning:

Certainly agree about the VR mouse, its horrible. If I ever get fs2020 sorted out I’ll have to redo the software for my VR buttons cos I don’t think I can use the mouse really.

I tried that too but unfortunately for me when I bring up the windows menu to open a desktop I get kicked out of VR mode. When I pull up the desktop through steam I don’t get kicked from VR. And as @AirPigeon860239 mentions, I’d rather have 2 smaller windows than 1 big desktop window thus the purpose of trying to get OVR Toolkit working smoothly.

I open the desktop in the Cliff House with the Follow Me option before launching VR in the sim. To have the desktop smaller in the sim I lower 2D (desktop) resoultion to 1280x720. This allows me not using Steam VR, which affects G2 performance in MFS.

OVR setup going to plan. I can bind left click and menu select to buttons on my joystick. Also created a profile, with controllers turned on actually, with Swift and a pdf of a VRF chart. Then turned off the controllers and restarted OVR toolkit and the windows were where I had left them and I could interact with them, panning and zooming the chart and selecting the various tabs on the swift gui.
So the plan is to set up the windows in the cockpit with the controllers on, save the profile, then get the windows open with the controllers turned off and I’m good to go.

After a lot of trial and error and fiddling about it’s all working fine at the moment. Did all the setup with the keyboard. My setup is over two monitors I have a pdf viewer and Teamspeak on one monitor and Swift and FS2020 on the other, nothing else visible. I can interact with Swift and the pdf viewer but not Teamspeak (but this is no great problem). So I’m all set up for a VFR VATSIM group flight.