G3000 v 0.7.5 Problems

Yes and 7.6 specifically mentions a fix for the MFD map freezing :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

I’ll post back my findings once I’ve done a few flights…look forward to hearing your feedback.

Seems to be stable regarding MFD freezing using WT 7.6…I’m going to try using the aircraft-tbm930-improvement 6.1 and will report back.


With my TBM moded WT G3000 v0.7.6 sometimes NavMap freeze just at the beginning of flight ( During taxiing) and keep frezze unless I set MaP scale below 2,5 Nm :disappointed:
Only WT G3000 0.7.6 and Robin DR400/180 add on in my Community

Does the MFD map freeze only once during the flight at the beginning, then it’s ok?
Before 7.6 to keep it from freezing I used to have to keep the MFD map zoomed right in for the entire flight rendering it useless. So I stayed with the vanilla g3000 till 7.6 came out.

All along the flight except when zooming below 2.25 Nm.
If I tune zoom again above 2.5 freeze is back

I had that exact same issue…but with wt7.6 it went away so I added back the aircraft-tbm930-improvement and still I have not had that issue return so far.

Thank’s for reply
I’ve to investigate !!!

Here you go:


Release g3000-v0.7.6a · Nezz/fspackages


Working Title G3000 Includes fixes for annunciators on the Longitude and the TBM 930 Release Highlights for v0.7.6a Fixes Annunciator buttons now light on correctly on the Longitude and can be use…

You can download the fixed version of WT G3000 from here until they incorporate my changes.

For the record… Temporary solution to reset the master warnings :wink:

Does this conflict with the Longitude mod update that Dakfly has published that fixes the problem? What exactly is the G3000 solution?

According to Dakfly, the Asobo changes allow the annunciators to be customized for each aircraft in the panel.xml which actually unlocks a log of functionality. Blocking the new functionality is not the optimal solution for the future.

I use the TBM 930, I can’t tell you about the Longitude (I don’t like it) you should give it a try

What I’m asking is if this mod will be conflicting with another mod. You might want to add a warning to your mod that it might be conflicting with the Longitude mod. You may not use the Longitude but many, many people do.

I’m flying the updated Longitude FDM and the updated WT G3000 mods and am still getting map freeze. Anyone else?

theres no vnav on Working Title g3000 now or?

For me, the G3000 only freezes when I also open the ingame MovingMap in flight. Both the standard G3000 and the WTG3000.