G3000 VS key toggle

Probably an idiot question but is there a keyboard shortcut to toggle the VS key on the 930?

VS = Autopilot VS Hold On/Off
HDG = Autopilot Heading Hold On/Off
NAV = Autopilot NAV1 Hold On/Off
APR = Autopilot Approach Hold On/Off
AP = Autopilot On/Off
FD = Toggle Flight Director
LVL = Autopilot Wing Leveler On/Off
FLC = Autopilot FLC On/Off
BC = Autopilot Back Course Hold On/Off
ALT = Autopilot Altitude Hold On/Off
½ bank mode = Max Bank
Decrease/Increase Heading Bug
Decrease/Increase Autopilot Reference VS
Decrease/Increase Altitude Pressure


By the way, those are from the top of my head. Despite missing some key shortcuts (mostly Garmin related) there are many more key binds available. You can use Spad.Next’s event monitor to see what buttons/switches/knobs are currently mapped.

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Ignorance on display on my side! Is there a column missing with the keyboard shortcuts? I’m familiar with the autopilot controls and most of the key bindings but I can’t find one to toggle VS.

No worries buddy, it’s the first in the list above. Autopilot VS Hold On/Off will toggle VS.

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Light dawns. Thumps head repeatedly against wall. I hadn’t changed the list view to include unset bindings! Many thanks.

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