GA singles with G530+G430+HSI?

Would like to be able to replace a default DG with and HSI, but…

So: Looking for recommendations. Any thoughts appreciated.

No Carenado/Alabeo please.

Have you considered using Air Manager to display gauges on another screen. If you just wanted the HSI and maybe a few others you could simply use a tablet for the display.

This makes it possible to add a HSI to any aircraft if you so desire.


JF Pipers…


Anyone else? Just getting back to looking.

I should mention:
HSI needs to be slaved or electronic. (Aspen 1000 system ok too, if there’s anything that has one.)
Reasonably current autopilot is needed.

In terms of Piston singles, Just Flight Pipers are the only ones I am aware of, excluding Carenado planes. And they do not have modern autopilots, so you have to trim pitch yourself. If you like Turboprop singles, the Blackbird PC-6 is coming soon with steam gauges (beta is already available). There’s also the improvement mod for the Steam Gauge Cessna 172 which I hear is really good too.

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JF Warrior also has an HSI option and 530/430 option, the AP on the Warrior is much better than the Arrows, but doesn’t have a built-in VS or ALT hold, but they’ve included an ALT hold option.

The 172 mod is great and they are getting ready to release an update any day now. It sounds as if what you are looking for may be the 172, it’s got the KAP-140 2-axis AP (better than the default one in MSFS). Also, on the 172 they have enabled (optional) wear and tear, oil usage, spark plug fouling, etc.

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Thanks - I think the 172 mod is for the “basic” 172, not the G1000… I don’t have the basic one.

Ah, yes, it’s only with the Deluxe package, it’s why I got the Deluxe package.

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Any new thoughts?

TL;DR: GA Single, G530+G430, synced HSI, modern autopilot…

I don’t think what you’re looking for exists yet in the sim unfortunately, since you exclude Carenado planes.

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Understood, thanks.

Maybe one day we’ll get configurable panels for all aircraft…