Gabled house archetype overrepresented in the Netherlands

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Gabled houses are a new archetype in the world update for France/Benelux

In reality you’d only find these houses in very old city centers (eg hardly anywhere), but they are used enmasse in suburbs throughout the Netherlands, which are mostly build in the 1960’s and beyond, and not using a gabled buildingtype. (Rather “doorzon”)

The old archetypes used were a much better portrayal of Dutch cities.

The current representation is a “tourists” view of what the Netherlands looks like.

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Above screenshot is the city of Apeldoorn

Yes, I have seen it too, but perhaps foreigners believe all the old Dutch houses looks as they are all built in Amsterdam :wink: More worse is that all the railroad bridges are not fixed, they are still submerged in the rivers, all of them as far I have seen. Also the scenery in The Hague is very disapointing, there is nothing improved and in the famous Scheveningen seaside resort is also nothing improved. Still no Scheveningen pier visible (a first class Dutch landmark) still being submerged in the North Sea. No Kurhaus (dome), no Dutch parliaments buildings with the two markant towers of the Ridderzaal building. All generic created high buildings looks still clipped to it’s first few floors. Because of that no Rotterdam Euromast what is a shame. World Update 4 is (at least regarding The Netherlands) not very well done, in fact very disapointing. A message to the developers, please fix at least the submerged railroad bridges and give Rotterdam it’s Euromast, The Hague (the seat of the Dutch government) it’s historical Ridderzaal (Hall of the Knights) parliament building with it’s twin towers and also the Peace Palace being the seat of the United Nations International Court of Justice. And give the Scheveningen seaside resort it’s Kurhaus in full glory and it’s not in the North Sea submerged famous pleasure pier. Instead of Amsterdam is de facto The Hague the capital of the Netherlands, and in World update 4 nothing is improved in it’s scenery even not one point of interest is added there what is a real shame. Why? See how special The Hague is look at the YouTube videos: “The Hague, Netherlands, City tour” and “Welcome to the Hague - The Netherlands” and regarding the also in the World Update 4 missing Peace Palace building, see the YouTube video “Carnegie Foundation Peace Palace” to discover real points of interests in the Netherlands that the flightsimulator World Update 4 scenery don’t show.

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Yes, they could have given a bit more attention to the Netherlands, like The Hague as per the previous poster, not to mention the novelty windmills!

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I grew up in Apeldoorn and I don’t even recognize where that screenshot could be. I’m afraid to go back to the house I grew up in now…

this could be an osm error. two windmills placed on the same spot. the windmills are autogen

The streetplan of Apeldoorn should be realistic and it’s water and forrest bodies too, the rest is autogen fantasy. Regarding Apeldoorn, one of the points of interests in World Update 4 could have been the Loo Palace. But they didn’t give even The Hague, being de facto the Dutch capital, not one single point of interest what is really a bloody shame. To the developers, you don’t know what is really too important in the Netherlands to ignore in World Update 4. And if Belgium gets 13 point of interests while the Netherlands, being in size about 25% larger has only 12 points of interests then de developers have made some wrong decisions. First, the Grolsh Veste and PSV stadiums are not important enough to be a point of interest in Word Update 4. Regarding the de facto Dutch capital The Hague; the partly centuries old Dutch parliament and government buildings with the Binnenhof and the Hall of the Knights (Ridderzaal) anno 1288 (marking the birth place of The Hague) is a real point of interest. The same in The Hague is true regarding the Peace Palace, why? Because it is the most important international law administrative building in the world, housing the International Court of Justice which is the principal judicial body of the UNITED NATIONS and world wide the ONLY establishment of the UN outside New York. That is making The Hague for the whole world the capital city of international peace and justice See the YouTube video; “The Hague – International City of Peace and Justice”, and that is much more important then that nonsence overload of second tier soccer stadiums. Because Belgium with 11 million inhabitants has even 1 point of interest more than the in size larger Netherlands with 17 million inhabitants the developers has made some wrong decissions. But the Belgian capital Brussels is also the capital of the European Union, some what more attention to that fact in the World Update is also a valid point. More attention to the Low Countries at the cost of the over sea parts of France proper looks to me justified. And, the caribean island Saba, standard with the in the flightsimulator handcrafted Juancho E. Yrausquin airport, is an over sea part of the Netherlands proper. The Hague should have also the Scheveningen Pier as point of interest, with it’s bungy jump lookout tower and huge ferries wheel being international the most famous beach resort icon on the Dutch coast. And finally, were in Wold Update 4 is the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier? Being the crown that was put on the huge billions of euro’s costing Delta Works project in the southwestern Netherlands. This most impressive storm surge barrier in the whole world was the most difficult to build and most expensive part of the Delta Works. Work on the dam took more than a decade and is sometimes referred to as the eighth Wonder of the World. It has been declared one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World by the American Society of Civil Engineers. But even that fact makes this technical wonder less important then those second tier soccer stadiums that made it in the World Update? Shame on you developers, do your homework the next time as it seems you almost knows nothing regarding the Netherlands, hurting the national proud of many Dutch Flightsimulator pilots.

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Please keep this on topic of the archetype overrepresentation - thank you

First I like it, regarding to express the justified disappointments regarding the Netherlands in World Update 4, to keep all the comments concentrated in one topic. The archetype overrepresentation is a very clear example of making a wooden clog, windmill, tulip, Amsterdam redlight caricature of the Netherlands. Many Dutch dislike and hate this kind of viewing to our nation. This all makes that it’s scenery looks more unrealistic as it was before the World Update.

Yep I’ve visited Apeldoorn before the world update


(Both at terrain detail 100, the draw distance for trees has indeed improved, at least at this latitude)

But yep gabled houses

As for fair representation, I moved to Canada back in 2002 and became a Canadian citizen. We have 3 landmarks in Canada and one airport… 2 Bridges and a light house. We do have 10 different PG areas, mostly smaller ones, but it dwarfs in comparison to the USA. And in the USA it seems half the content is in California and Florida (over 50 PG Areas in California!)

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What is worse, they are all over Belgium too (in the sim, definitely not in real life), even in the French speaking part :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It’s even worst here in Asia. I hope Asobo or Blackshark.AI will tell us:

  1. What data in OSM is being used.
  2. Frequency of the AI generating buildings and object from OSM
  3. And will editing data in OSM reflect into the game.

I think it is easier and faster for crowd source editing data in OSM to make cities or town more realistic in the sim, especially for those not so famous places out there which will never get the photogrammetry love.

I found a funny one… this is Hoek van Holland :rofl: gabled roofs on the beach

(looking at it reminds me of Rene Margritte paintings)