Gaining 20fps just by restarting before flight

Guys I am wondering if you also see this.
start the flight. wait till it loaded. gave it some extra time…
then restart and change nothing 20fps extra.
seems like a bug to me…

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I discovered this some weeks ago, nice but still very strange.

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Do you use simple traffic from Aerosoft ?
Because with a restart the planes from simple traffic are not loaded again which means higher FPS

I do, ah so that might be the case. Ill have a look. great thks for the tip!!

Do you mean the textures from ST are not loaded again? Or do you mean all the AI traffic is gone?

When I do a restart the AI planes from Simple traffic are gone resulting in higher FPS

Then why not start the game with Simple Traffic turned off, rather than starting and restarting again?

I was just telling him why he saw an increase of FPS when restarting

Has absolutely nothing to do with simple traffic.
I don’t have ST installed and also get a much higher framerate when restarting flight.

Perhaps it was coincidence, but today I started a flight (with ST installed) from EGNS - Isle of Man. I had fps somewhere in the region of 40. I messed up and the plane hit the ground shortly after take off. So I opted to restart the flight, and spawned in with fps of 62 :smile:

Maybe not in your case.
But for me this was the reason

thats what I mean. I do standard now resulting in fps 20 Plus :smiley:

sure its a bug but a nasty one if you dont know this you will by other hardware for no reason…

its just because of how traffic is in msfs. You can also gain many fps by using real time online traffic instead of ai traffic.

tried it with traffic of, I am sure its a bug.
20fps extra for traffic, now way.
test it yourself and let is know

i will try it now, i have no traffic addons.

unfortunately no difference for me :sob:

Yes. And the EGNS I took off from was third party dlc, which is heavier on fps than default EGNS. :smile:

Hey I am having the same thing. I noticed it first when i bought the latest KLAX payware airport which is very demanding. I accidently restarted the flight and my FPS went up like about 20FPS. So now i am always having to do it. Any of my demanding airports. I restart right after it loads and i get 15-20 more fps. Another weird observation. Let’s say you start at a very non demanding airport and then fly to a demanding airport. The fps are great at the non demanding airport and then it gets bad as you get to the demanding airport. So if you restart at the less demanding airport even though their is no fps change it will hold until you get to the demanding airport and that airport will be fine. So Faizan4452241 do the test from the most demanding airport you have.

And others try the above. Go from a less to more demanding with and without the restart at the beginning. It makes a difference too. If you don’t restart you don’t get the fps throughout the whole flight. It will start to falter badly at the more demanding airport. If you do restart at the beginning, it will have that 20FPS boost when you arrive at the demanding airport. So i am restarting all the time now which is kind of ridiculous. Is this where you report it?? How do we let microsoft know?

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