Game freezes when spawning at 'Premium' version airports after SU5

I can’t use any of the premium airports after SU5. If I select a premium airport (KSFO, etc…) and set it as departure from World Map, when I click Fly Now it freezes when loading the flight. I tried with KSFO, Dubai, KDEN, Heathrow, all don’t work.

I also tried with deluxe airports (Schipol) and that works fine. And standard edition airports work fine also.

I updated the premium version in content manager post SU5. I then uninstalled and re-installed the premium version in content manager to see if that would fix it. I do think the premium version is installed fine, as the 787 does work.

I have nothing in my community folder all mods have been removed.

I really don’t want to reinstall the entire game again, that would be a horrible upgrade experience. Anyone else see this and any suggestions on how to possibly fix?

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