Game hangs on 75% loading from main menu

Microsoft Store standard version. Since a few days ago I run msfs and it gets through to the main menu screen. I select an airframe and a departure, then go fly. Game loads to about 75% then hangs. I tried it in safe mode, I tried it with a fresh install and a new, empty community folder but it just freezes at around 75%. I get the ‘Warning connection lost’ message on the main menu screen, try running it in offline mode or just ignoring it but still it freezes at 75% loaded. Any suggestions?
Edit: I should also add, I’m running it in admin mode.

did you look through this? Support

yes i worked thru the checklist & updated windows, still hanging on way to fly


Holy Fields of Bison thank you! How did you ever figure out this was the issue?!

LOL, I spent a long evening googling and reading forums! :wink:

[quote=“[Solved] Simulator always freezes on the loading screen after pressing fly when I try to play in online mode but it does not freeze when in offline mode, post:6, topic:474902”]

I just found this post and after maybe a month I can now fly MSFS2020, I’d even reinstalled P3D ! many thanks GlobalSprool, I owe you a beer, (a few). Regards from DownUnder.