Game isn't recognizing joystick axis sliders

I have a Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant. It’s recognized in MSFS just fine and all the buttons work just fine except the left and right joystick axis sliders don’t work. If I check the controls in windows 10, they work just fine and I can see all six sliders.

Also, the throttle sliders will work as a button, just not as a full slider. So at about 75% full throttle, the game will recognize the button push as Joystick L-Axis Y+, and I drop it all the way down below the detent, it will recognize as Joystick L-Axis Y- button push. But the slider called Joystick L-Axis Y just doesn’t work.

I’m baffled and haven’t found this exact issue searching all around. Hoping somebody knows what might be up.


I ran into this today! I can see them in “sensitivity” as well and they respond fine. But at 75% throttle I see Joystick L-Axis Y+ and I see the button push below the detent.

I was flying the Mooney and suddenly my throttle and mixture wouldn’t work! It was working fine at the beginning of the flight!

I found the solution the a different thread on these forums. Couldn’t find anything by searching, but just browsing through other issues I found one! Yoke Axis Recognized As Buttons Only - Self-Service / Peripherals - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Great thanks, I’ll try that when i get home. I love MSFS but wow there are some really strange issues haha!

I’m not sure where to post this as it is probably a very old thrustmaster top gun fox 2 wearing down, but the throttle slider stopped working altogether when I was calibrating the slider using the FBW utility on the touchpad to set levels for engine throttle. Now the slider does not work anywhere on the computer and when I calibrate using the windows game controller function it doesn’t detect it.

I’m wondering if the FBW utility wrote something int the registry since it was working well until I used this utility. I’ll see if I can find another computer to test whether it works there. Was wondering if any of you had any idea what is going on…again the joystick is really old and may just be falling apart.

Is the slider showing as an axis?
And are the other axis’s working?
Try uninstalling it from your devices, unplug and re-installing it.
Then check it is working in the windows game controller before starting the sim.
If it doesn’t get detected or the axis isn’t working in windows it points towards a fault on the joystick. Could be a faulty cable or bad connection.

I managed to find another windows computer (forgot about it initially) and the joystick had the same problem, so probably not a registry error. On both computers, the windows game controller utility showed there no movement on the slider axis but everything else works on the joystick.

Strange that this broke when I was calibrating the axis with the FBW utility but pretty sure FBW isn’t causing the problem, and probably no need to have this thread in the add on discussion forum.