Game keeps returning to dashboard on xbox


So I’m playing on Xbox, and since the new update my game ALWAYS crashes and returns to the dashboard on any flight over 2 hours. And it’s always on the approach.

Let me give you an example, I was flying from New York to Miami in an A320. Decscended to 5000ft with just under 40nm to go and all of a sudden 2 and a half hours into my flight black screen and back to the dashboard. Unfortunately this has happened on every single flight around this time or longer. Yesterday I did Manchester to Kos, nearly 4 hours in I made it yet in the descent, I reached around 8000ft and it crashed.

Before the update all the instruments would go black but now the game just gives up on itself.

I’m so disappointed and frustrated being so hyped for this game. I question whether they test it with stuff like this happening and I’m getting fed up of wasting my time flying if it’s just going to crash.

If anyone has a fix you will be a saviour but from what I’m seeing I’m not alone.

I play with- AI and multiplayer traffic on as well as live weather. Never had any connection issues or anything.

Same here I always have CTDs cockpit screens out Xbox series s

It is a bug, for more info check:

Yeah and CTD did you report it

I have probably had one CDT in 11 months of MSFS on a PC up to today. I’ve had two the past half hour; once when I hit the NAVLOG button and one when I hit unpause. I almost wonder if the MS servers had an issue.

Same here. And with the night lightning issues on xbox i have decided to take a break until i read that things are fixed. It is no longer any Joy.

Today so many CTD on series x. For me frame rates really drop and bad stuttering and then it crashes.
Just spent 30 mins doing a cold and dark start, 15 mins to taxi and on take off it crashes and becoming so frustrating.

In my UK timezone this morning I had one FS2020 complete freeze in a landing challenge, and a CTD while loading another. I gave up. Came back this afternoon and it was all fine and stable. I do suspect servers issues could be part of it. Saturday afternoons and people are usually busy doing other things rather than flightsimming, I’d guess. Pure speculation on my part though.

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Just so you are aware some PC users are seeing huge framerate drops on approaches after long 2+hr flights. Maybe when the xbox encounters the same framerate issue it CTDs instead . Just look on this forum for frame rate issues on approach and there are a few long pc threads going on since April.