Game Mode - Thoughts?

Been trying to find ways to improve my FPS. Found a guide that mentions turning off Game Mode and HAGS on your PC. Looked at some posts here, doesn’t seem to be a definite answer. However, those posts are over a year old so I figured I would ask again, given recent “updates”. Running a WIN10 machine, 3060Ti with latest driver, if that makes any difference.

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Game mode prioritizes your game by preventing background tasks like automated Windows updates from interrupting the game. Leave it on and it will never bother you.
HAGS moves graphics scheduling from the CPU to the GPU. HAGS ON will be required for DLSS 3.0. Since the game is CPU bound, leave it on.
Neither setting will show any FPS change in the game.


Tried with both on and off and never really noticed a scrap of difference.

Currently experimenting running msfs at high priority and it seems a bit smoother though that is difficult to prove conclusively.

Might wanna rollback to the previous driver or even 522.25, I’ve seen pages of posts (different forum) where the update seems to be having issues specifically with the 3060/3060ti

and maybe review your nvidia control panel settings with this Best NVIDIA Control Panel Settings for Gaming (2022 GUIDE) - YouTube

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I recently turned HAGS back on, after reading months ago it’s better to be off. I’ve had a really nice noticeable improvement in smoothness and FPS in heavier cities / PG areas on my system so I’m glad I did it!

RTX2070 on eGPU with quad core Intel i7-1195G7


I wonder if HAGS should be on if your system is CPU limited and off if your system is GPU limited.

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Sounds highly probable yes :+1:

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Over the last two years I had frustrating frequency of application crashes.
Since disabling HAGS a few months ago, I have had only one or two.
Not definitive, but my experience.

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Had to turn it off so that SU11 would shut down correctly.