Game pass ultimate - family use

Does anyone know if there are specific restrictions on flight sim working on pc to allow family playing on same pc under diff accounts? It works in all other games…

Different accounts? You have to play the game as an administrator (not PC user).

No that is not relevant. I changed my account to standard user and it works fine and my sons to admin and he still can’t play. Says press any key then says to insert disc.

It’s not a Family Share title. Have to buy it again on your sons account if you want him to play with you.

You are entitled to run it 1 PC. Question: If you have 2 SSDs for Windows (each selectable via boot manager) and the game installed on a third SDD. Can you run the game from each Windows. U see were I going? Essentially one PC for you and one for your son. That way he can’t accidentally screw up your PC.

From the pre-order FAQ


Now that’s interesting. If family members are not allowed to share the use of MSFS on a PC, I wonder why they have to allow it for Windows and I wonder how that will affect the sales of the Xbox series X this Xmas?

Mum & Dad: Our 4 kids want an Xbox series X for Xmas because of all the YT videos you organised. Thank you very much.
Microsoft: No problem at all, but you will have to buy each child an Xbox and four copies of MSFS. That will be 3200 euros thank you very much.
Mum & Dad: Do you remember the time you wanted to prevent the resale of Windows.
Microsoft: No, please remind us of that European Court judgement.

Would be interesting to see how that will work out. :smile:

Firstly thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions.

I now have it working so that the game works on my login and my sons login on my pc which has the game pass ultimate subscription.

I am not sure what exactly caused it to fix itself but I fiddled with a number of things and in the end it may have been an update to the game itself that fixed it.

My son is not an administrator on the pc BTW. He is a standard user.

Hi everyone.

I have one subscription for xbox game pass ultimate. I have one main PC which i use for gaming. on this pc, using my login, i have gone to the MS store and under settings, i have chosen the option for Offline Permissions. Apparently this is important to do. I believe this is similar to the home xbox setting on the xbox.

I install the game in my own account on the PC using either the MS Store or xbox beta app. At the end of the day, it is installed using the ms store.

Then when my son logs into his account on my PC (standard user), he logs out of his account within MS store. (you just click on your profile and then your account name/email and it pops out a window with a sign out option. my son then logs out of his ms store account.

this then allows you to log in again and when he logs in he logs in using my credentials (or in my case i actually did the logging in).

Now it is important here to pay attention (this took me a while to work out). when i log in using my credentials, at first i was getting my log in details rejected. i was stuck here for weeks. Anyway i worked out that due to some glitch, you have to use the person you are logging in under’s password. So yes, i use my email, but my son’s password to log in to my account on the MS store under my son’s pc login.

once done, you can then install most games on xbox game pass or which you have purchased.

once fully installed, i then log out from the ms store and log back in with my son’s credentials.

once done, the games should launch fine.

this is not a glitch, as this was the method that was advised to me by xbox support about 6 months ago. (except for the bit about using my son’s password and my username part).

So this is what i tried with flight sim, but my son was getting a load disc error. Until today. i think perhaps i had to stay logged in to his ms store account until it fully updated. since then he has logged back into his own account (if you have a mismatch between ms store log in and xbox live login/username login, it throws an error and does not let you play). so flight sim is now working fine for my son.

I suspect that xbox for pc will bring something more formal for family sharing but for the moment this is the convoluted way of making it work.

i hope this helps everyone who was asking in the threads.