Game Services Error

Im trying to update Games Services so I can play MSFS. It has gone on an install loop for a week.

I tried removing the NSFS App, reinstalled it (that took 4 days) and now it just takes me to the store to install Games Service. It gets a couple mb in and fails. Retry, same thing.
This started with the new update.

I need help please.

Thank you.


Hi @CCGroup, and welcome back to the community. Sorry you are having an installation issue. I moved your post here to the #self-service:install-performance-graphics category where these type issues are discussed. I also added an “advice” tag since you’re looking for some help.

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Again, welcome back, and good luck with your search for a solution.

Figured it out, total reinstall, reset app store, and 5 days of downloading.

It was painful but its running again.

one tip, backup all the game data before reinstalling.