Game stutters/freezes when moving mouse - SU10

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When moving the mouse without pressing any buttons while MSFS is focused in fullscreen borderless, MSFS stutters or freezes until the mouse stops moving.

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Not yet, working on getting OBS working.

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

  • Load into any aircraft at any location
  • Move the mouse without holding any buttons down

I recently noticed lag when moving the mouse in the cockpit. It manifests as a stutter, and I wasn’t originally clear on the cause. After loading a flight tonight, I realized it 100% correlates to moving the mouse. I then tried just moving my mouse in circles (not holding any button, just moving the mouse) and noticed that so long as the mouse is in constant motion, the sim will completely freeze until I stop moving it.

  • I use a wired Razer Basilisk. I have used this same mouse with MSFS for several months with no issue.
  • I checked to make sure nothing strange was assigned to the mouse movement axes and even reset the mouse profile.
  • I tried changing cockpit interaction from Lock to Legacy with no improvement.
  • I do use other peripherals including the Honeycomb Alpha, Honeycomb Bravo, Logitech radio panel, Desktop Aviator parking brake, and (when not using the Alpha) the Thrustmaster Warthog stick. I also always use TrackIR.
  • I do have addons installed, but the only two that are “new” in terms of when I’ve started experiencing this issue are the F6F-5 Hellcat by Flyingiron and the M-346 Master by IndiaFoxtEcho. However, the problem is not unique to either of those planes.
  • This only happens if the game is focused. If I move my mouse around after clicking on my second monitor to unfocus the game, I can move the mouse fine even back in on the sim monitor. If I click again to regain focus on the sim, the problem returns.
  • If I hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse, there is no issue while moving the mouse
  • If I hold the right mouse button (which enables mouse look so long as it’s held) there is no issue while moving the mouse

I’m going to start removing addons and troubleshooting hardware but wanted to post this in case anyone else has experienced this issue. I found a few threads with this exact issue but they were all from throughout 2021 and none of them had a solution or recent replies. Though I’ve never experienced it before now, I’m assuming it could be related to those threads but it seems obscure enough that no one chimes in.

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Thanks for your extensive description of the problem. I’ve observed something similar, but as I haven’t had much time for flying in MSFS, I haven’t done much to investigate further. I definitely will follow up on this, as it can be pretty annoying.

My system: Windows 11, Ryzen 5800X3D, Asus X570 TUF gaming WiFi board, 32GB RAM, Radeon 6700XT GPU, Logitech G502 mouse.

  • While in the cockpit, moving the mouse around can cause hard stutters. At first I thought it’s related to hovering over instruments, but it also happened when moving the pointer over the windscreen. Seems independent of the aircraft so far.

  • Typically the framerate can drop from smooth 40-50fps to single digits when moving the mouse around

  • In my case, it also happens when panning the view with the right mouse button pressed

  • I checked some mouse settings in Logitech G Hub, especially the signal rate, which caused Win11 to choke and slow down whe moving windows if set to anything higher than 125Hz. No difference, seems unrelated to these MSFS stutters.

  • When I reboot my computer before starting MSFS, these stutters are gone for a while, enough to finish a 1-hour flight without getting into too much trouble. After some time of flying, some of the stutters return, but to a minor extent, i.e. from above 40 fps to 20-30fps instead of <10fps

I’m going to try and gather some more data on this, when I find the time for it. I’ll get back to this thread if I can isolate the issue any better than now.

Would you mind sharing your system configuration, so that we can perhaps see a pattern?