GamePass ends in a few days. Upgrade to Prem Deluxe now or wait?

I’ve been playing the standard edition via game pass but am ready to part ways with the service. I want to purchase the premium deluxe version of MSFS. What’s the cleanest way to do it? Wait until my game pass sub expires and then purchase game in MS Store? If I try to purchase it now, the MS store wants to give me a discount for being a game pass subscriber which I suspect may cause trouble or require repurchase or re-download later on.

Thanks for the help!

If you buy it at the discount because of game pass you will need to keep the game pass.

Cancel game pass first before you buy it.

Not true. I purchased the Deluxe edition (with discount) while I was on GamePass then after confirming that the update worked (by going into the Content Manager and downloading the new aircraft and airports) I cancelled my GamePass.

If you purchase the upgrade in MSFS Marketplace then you have to keep the base game.

I recommend Steam. From what I read, a lot more problems with players using the MS Store version… I don’t have ANY issues with the Steam one.

NO. There is discount for game pass players, who get to keep the game after their game pass subscription ends. This has been discussed many times before, and it is official.

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If you want to pay more, then cancel your game pass first, or buy it from Steam.
Upgrades are not even for sell at the moment…

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