Gamepass to Store bought

Does anyone know if I purchased the gamepass option when I go to buy the sim in a few months if I will have to download and rebind controls? Also, I see in the marketplace the premium deluxe is about 90 instead of 120 but again is this a one time purchase or still connected to Gamepass?

What about marketplace buys, like planes? Will I have to rebuy?

It is not very clear, but looks like the Premium/Deluxe packages in the sim marketplace are upgrade packages, since it is showing the same price for people on Game Pass and those who bought the std edition.

That means that they are DLC bundles, hence, you lose access to it if your game pass expires and you do not have the std edition anymore. If you buy the std edition, or resubscribe to game pass, you can start using the bundles again.

That being said, it makes no sense to buy the upgrade bundles ($90) as they are priced significantly higher than the price difference between the editions, in case you’re thinking about cancelling game pass. You’re better off buying ($120) the upgraded editions directly from the store.

Other marketplace content is yours to own - no need to re-purchase. Your control bindings are saved to the cloud and linked to your Xbox live account, so you shouldn’t have to rebind them.

Thank you for the great explanation.

If i buy the store version in a month or two, do I still need to have the Xbox console on my computer? I thought the gamepass was the reason for the Xbox console program?

I assume, you are talking about the Xbox (beta) app, not the Xbox console companion app. You do not need the Xbox console companion app for anything unless you own an Xbox.

The Xbox (beta) app is not technically required, but it is a better app than the Microsoft Store, so you might have a better purchase and download experience there :sweat_smile:.

The Xbox (beta) app actually replaces the old Xbox app and now provides a frontend for the Xbox digital store, game pass, and social.

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