Gaming Services nightmare

Hello everyone

This Microsoft store -gaming services issue is driving me insane. I can’t get gaming services or flight simulator to download or run again. For 6 days now I tried probably every suggestion on this forum and none are working. Tried the deleting of the keys,deleting of services, tried to reinstall win10 via media creation tool. Someone suggested -go to C:\Program Files\Windows Apps find 2 gaming services folders take ownership and delete. I was able to delete only one folder. The other folder kept on saying you need permission. I took full control and or ownership permission and yet it still just won’t let me delete it. I think this is why I can’t get gaming services and the flight simulator game to work. Is there anyone who knows how to delete a windows apps gaming services folder bypassing the stupid folder access denied /you require permission to make changes? I changed the permission to administrator full control it doesn’t work for me. Please someone HELP

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Hi @MuralSeven99634 !

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