Garden Route (South Africa) {Eco-tourism, Coast, Mountains, Lakes, Rivers, 9+ BTR POIs}


We’re off to South Africa this week to follow the Garden Route. It’s hard to describe just how cool this region is, so I’ll let UNESCO cover it in the summary below :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

See you there!

From UNESCO’s overview of the Garden Route:

The Garden Route Biosphere Reserve falls within a biodiversity hotspot - the Cape Floristic Region, which is the smallest yet most diverse biodiversity hotspot in the world. Parts of this area (Garden Route National Park and Nelson Bay cave on Robberg Nature Reserve) have also received global recognition, being incorporated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites due to the unique, endemic and spectacular biodiversity and palaeo-anthropological significance.

In the eastern section of the biosphere reserve there are numerous areas of wetland adjacent to the region’s rivers and on the coastal platform. These wetlands are extremely sensitive to disturbances such as agricultural activities and development. The wetlands accommodate high species diversity, and fulfil natural water purification and flood retention roles.

The Knysna basin is a key topographical feature of the area because it is responsible for the Knysna Estuary, ranked first in the country for its conservation importance.

The area is central to the South African fishing industry and supports a wide diversity of marine mammals, seabirds, deep water and open ocean fish and shellfish. Almost the entire Garden Route Biosphere Reserve forms part of the natural habitat of the African elephant, black rhinoceros and Cape buffalo and therefore serves an important role in the conservation of large mammals.

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Flight Plan: GardenRoute.pln (5.4 KB)

Airplane: We’ll cruise around 220kts. F-51D Mustang (from Reno Air Races), Vertigo (from GotGravel), or TBM 930 should work well. I believe the Gee Bee Model R2 or Z will also work, if you’re looking to test out the latest release!
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Rough flight path: FASX->FAJP @ ~4500’, although down to ~1000’ for the section after FAPG.