Garmin 5000 Navigation System should be fully operative in the Longitude

Hi, I know that G5000 is only used in the Longitude, but there are somethings important to be fixed with this navigation system to simulate as expected in a simulator, right?

  1. VNAV doesn’t work.
  2. When I select a direct waypoint the NAV system doesn’t follow the flight plan from there, just drives you to the waypoint and then nothing happens.
  3. I can’t select AIRWAYS in the FMC, so I have to write the flight plan point by point.
  4. Will be useful to be able to use the keyboard instead the mouse to enter waypoints in the FMC. I mean, look for a way to write with the keyboard when I’m setting a flight plan in the FMC, so it will be faster and easy.
    Please take care on the Longitude as it’s a Premium Aircraft, I paid just for this aircraft, but it’s hard to plenty enjoy with that nav system.

This item was delivered in AAU 1 (