Garmin 530 not following frack in gps nav mode

I pain stakingly enter a long flight plan manually in the g530, notice than the flightplan track is diplayed in as a white colored line on the map, AP will not follow the flightplan track (meaning you can not AP to nav (gps).
In other cases where the track appears with a pink color AP enable tracking in nav mode.
what is the reason for this difference?

I use the garmin 430 working title, this issue occurs in several different planes

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Which aircraft are you having this trouble with?

Are not seeing the first leg of your flight path reflected in magenta? Normally, legs of the flight path are drawn in white other than the current leg. If you’ve entered a SID, sometimes they have short segments that won’t reveal themselves clearly until you’ve zoomed in significantly on the display.

The realistic Garmin units that WT have modeled do require the aircraft be within a specific range of the flight path for the GPS to start tracking it. If you aren’t you need to use the HDG bug to place the aircraft on an intercept trajectory and, once within range, the GPS mode will engage and take over.

Do you have a simple flight plan you could share here? I primarily fly GNS-equipped aircraft in the sim and I’ve not had the trouble you’re describing. I’d be happy to test your flight plan(s) myself.

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Note this is a change from the old implementation! If you’re used to just hitting the ‘NAV’ button and assuming it will turn you in the right direction, you now have to make sure you’re actually pointed roughly the right direction first.

I know that you have to be within a certain distance of the track line for garmin 430,
I used the heading bug to approach the track line, with no effect. If I use D direct to everything works perfect the track is pink and gps follows

plane was C310