Garmin / Asobo Partnership

Once again, the Garmin G1000 trainer, unlike the GNS and GTN trainers, is a paid product (US$50). There are some G1000 simulators that can be used in P3D, such as this G1000 Student Simulator that cost more than MSFS or a more basic G1000 that still isn’t cheap. Neither are available for MSFS. Don’t underestimate the complexity of creating a full G1000 simulation. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

It looks good. F1 have written their own simulation of the G1000, just like X-plane have written a G1000 simulator.

If you want a cheap G1000 trainer buy X-plane, which includes a 133 page G1000 operating manual, plus tutorials and YT videos.

Neither product means there is a magic bullet solution for Asobo, they will have to write a full G1000 simulator, although technical advice from Garmin engineers would be great.


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The Reality products look good - I like their GTN 750 touch which works with FSX, P3D and X-Plane.

They also offer professional training products, so clearly working with the Garmin GTN trainer is a must have, as it is the industry reference.

When the SDK has settled down, I’m sure they will support MSFS with their product(s). But when the SDK settles down we do not know!


I have the RXP 750 for both P3D and XP11 - they do a solid job, although the 750 touch function falls apart in VR with XP11. I also like that you can pop out the 750 and use it on a tablet as an actual touch screen.

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I had the Garmin GTN 650/750 in X-Plane. The only addon I miss sometimes. I would be happy if Garmin would offer it for FS2020. Important would be the possibility to implement it in other planes like the King Air in x-plane. Airplanes where it is already implemented are too expensive and it is a waste of resources. And please not restricted. With Europe Charts and Weather :wink:

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