Garmin displays (e.g. GNS530 in steam gauges C172) backlit intesity reduction for night flying?

I tried my first night flight today in steam gauges C172. I was able to set the backlit level for my steam gauges using the knob on the panel, but the GNS530 and the smaller garmin nav unit below it, were way to bright for night flying (especially in VR).
Is there a way to control the backlit intensity of the Garmin units in C172?

I faced similiar issue with Garmin G3X Touch 10" when flying real world in Tecnam P2008JC Mk II, the only option was to find the relevant option in the unit’s menu, no external knob (furtuntately it was posible to enable auto-brighntness). But I don’t think such option exisit in the simulated GNS530.

I believe this mod adds that function, plus more:

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The GNS530 mod does have night lighting. Hit the menu button when on the main map screen. It only has 2 levels though - bright and dim.

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