Garmin G3X Touch

Wanted: Garmin G3X Touch. Any 3rd party working on it?
Thank you.

While Asobo has contracted WT to redo the G1000 NXi, G3000/G5000, and GNS430/GNS530 my understanding is that they are explicitly not doing any further work on the G3X code for Asobo, and that the old mod has also become abandonware which will not receive further updates. (I hope I’m wrong on this and misread some posts.)

So if people want improvements to the G3X systems over what’s in the base system, some 3rd party or community mod will have to do it.

Here’s the end-of-life announcement for the old mod:

I really hope there’s something we can do as users to help this improve if Asobo has no interest in improving it. Is the old code open source enough that it can be forked by the community?

If you would like to see the G3X touch updated, please visit this thread and upvote it!