Garmin G500/G600

Anyone hear anything about this Garmin retrofit glass panel for MSFS? It would be awesome to be able to add to, say, the Just Flight Arrow.


Haven’t heard anything related to this, but I’d be down for adding this into the sim for sure. I’d love to upgrade me C310R and C414 with this. Particularly if it was the TXi variant.


I think this is overlooked because even though many or even most airplanes now use this it’s a retrofit - so when developers look at the factory docs, etc. they don’t realize how frequently this is used.

Hopefully it’s implemented. It’s the way many of us fly in the real world and its a huge hole in all of the sims.

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You’re probably correct. Most people are fitting these things into older planes being transitioned from the steam gauges of yesteryear to the modern era. I’m sure there are new planes that come with them, but most will be using G3X / GTN, G1000, etc from the factory.

New planes would have the G1000 Nxi or G3000/G5000 as they are more integrated into the airframe. There are a few with G3X from factory, but none with G500/G600 TXi that I know of.

Most definitely. G500/600 is retrofit equipment.

I was hoping to see this in one of the models or in a custom model since it’s a very good way to learn this type of GPS on the ground

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I would really like to see a G500 avionics panel for the Piper Arrow series/bundle. Any other updates on this from anyone? It’s such a common avionics retrofit that I’m surprised it isn’t avaiilable.