Garmin GI 275 | Electronic Flight Instrument - Anyone to dev for MSFS

Ladies and Gents,

This would be such a great and useful - and not to forget realistic - add-on to almost any of the classic General Aviation aircrafts. It will fit right in and replace the ADI (or any other classic cockpit instrument). Being it’s a all (well more or less…) digital product (also IRL), I would imagine it not being to hard to develop. Anyways - I just wanted to share this idea, hoping someone would pick it up.



So who’s going to be the first to try and appease the “steam gauge/glass panel” crowds by modding in the new Garmin GI 275?

I was just having a look at the store page. It seems to do it all!

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I haven’t seen this topic discussed on here much, but the GI 275 would make a great add-on for those who enjoy steam gauge aircraft, but want a modern touch. The Just Flight Pipers, Classic 172, or even something like the Savage Cub could be capable for this upgrade. This can also be used as a standby AI for plenty of glass panel aircraft, like the Bonanza or G1000 172. I would gladly buy something like this.

If there are any developers willing to take up this challenge, or if you’re also interested, your reply will be greatly appreciated!

Links and images below.



Who´s gonna bring it on!!? Who is it? :wink: Now with Black Box Steam Gauges for C208 and BE350, it would be awesome to even add these to those airplane… Though IRL most likely, if you can afford any of those airframes, you´d likely update to the G1000… Ok, not a persuasive argument I guess…

I wound if would be that hard to simulate the GI 275 HSI to connect with the GPS receivers… Anyways, I´m sure at some point it will be developed!

The best you are going to get for now is Air Manager and the Garmin G5.

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I’ve looked at the GI 275 and I’ve considered trying to tackle an Air Manager instrument for it. But it would be a pretty major undertaking requiring more time than I’m willing to dedicate to a single instrument for the time being.

And without actually having access to one (or a trainer) and seeing what it actually does and how it works, it would be very difficult to pull off in any realistic way.


So it would seem Sim Innovations are considering making a payware GI 275. Not sure what kind of timeframe they’re looking at for it, but I know if they release it, I’m buying it on Day 1.

It’d be cool. I played with them at the Garmin booth at Oshkosh and they’re very nice.