Garmin Pilot integration

One thing I LOVE about x-plane is the ability to fly, and be able to see my live location on my Garmin Pilot app. I like it because not only can I see my location but I can pull up airport diagrams and APP/DEP procedures, and see where I am on the procedure map.

this may need to be a partnership or it may be easier than that if a network API is developed.

A lot of simmers are using their own tablet app connected to MSFS.
There’s a bunch of tools already available that act as gateways with the generic Xplane “standard” protocol to broadcast GPS position.

I personnaly choose XmapSY (because of extra features when connected to Skydemon) :

You may also have a look at : Flight Events, FlightSimGPS, FSXSkydemon, SimAV8

I see there are various instructions for connecting it to FSX. Seeing that is largely the same as MSFS in that respect, have yo tried it?

I use Xmapsy myself to talk to AvPlan.

Oh cool! I’ll look into that tomorrow.

I’ve been using for two weeks MSFS Bridge from SimMarket. I received yesterday a free update that connects to Garmin Pilot and Fltplan Go. Even they are not my favorite tools (I am using SkyDemon for real flights), I gave it a try and it’s working out of the box. Given that it’s 3 times cheaper than xmapsy…