Gate A12 KJFK New York John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport

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No on Xbox Series X version it doesn’t exist

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Stuttered and after CTD twice at gate A12 in New York John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport

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Unable to do

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When arrive at JFK Airport ATC assignes gate A12.
Taxi to that gate and arrive at with A320 neo.
Use ground services as usual.
At a certai point, a thrice stutter, a freeze and a CTD.
Happened twice.

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No PC but Xbox Series X

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Hi @GoldPlate295836,
I was reading another post you wrote where you setup the rolling cache size of 100GB.

Have you tried lowering this to about 8GB or maybe try with rolling cache turned off?

This may not assist in the error you posted above, but it may with other issues.


Tried even thosd two ones, but without effects. But tell me, it would be due to rolling cache that the game has issues?
I might give another try on them and see, in case of success i would fly to USA and pay you an amercan coffee… :joy:

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The developers recommend 8GB to 32GB.

There are reported cases where the cache causes issues such as CTD and scenery glitches due to outdated data stored in the cache.

If you have a fast internet connection, you really do not need the cache enabled.

Thanks, when I’ll reinstall the sim i will pay a watch to that

Please remember to that there are some known issues with Xbox that the developers are working on.

Well maube you are right. I am playing without rolling cache (turned it off), without online services (turned online off, so living meteo, traffic, photogrammetry and world bing data are turned off with the online services) then playing offline, i am at the moment i am writing flying over South Italy in the route Catania t London on A320 neo aircraft passed over Sicily, Calabria and heading to fly over Naples and Rome… until now fos drops and stutters show themselves no more.

Maybe you are right about turning Rolling caches off.
I wount illude myself, but this is the good time the Sim Update 10 beta is having some effect…
The thrue trial is when i fly over the Northern Italy, Milan and look to the Western Alps with camera if the stutters and also the occasional CTDs occur or if effectively things changed in best and i can land at London Heathrow more smoothly and less stuttering and without being “shooted” at the Xbox Series X desktop by a crash.
Maybe some CTD will happen, let’s remember that this is a huge and heavily game laden with several gb on console so i might espect them, but at keast not so many CTDs following those heavy stutters and severe FPS drops i encountered before.

Just only one question. I have an internet service wich allows me to hav a bandwidth of between 30 and 100 megabits per second (mbps), but the game often shows the “connection lost” followed by “there were issues on stream, so you were switched offline” issues, besides now i have turned all the online off, could be also that wich makes the game run a bit more smooth?
I already turned off rolling cache…

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Now passing Alps (Italy - Swiss), there are stil stutters, just a bit less heavy than the times before…

Nothing, the game stutters, like before, from Northern Italy, heading north in Europe Microsoft Flight Simulator stutters gradually more and more.
So i unistalled it and i will wait for more updates like the SU10 wich will be in final August and the SU11, until the developers team will fix those issues before reinstalling it again.
I will install and try them after they come to see if the atutters go away together with the CTDs.
Strange, this behaving, until i flew over Sicily, Calabria, Naples it run smoothly, after Center and North Italy it begins to stutter, why? And i followed what you told me before by turning off rolling cache. I also turned off the online services, to make the game less heavy, but nothing. Microsoft has to see this.

It’s sad you have to do that. I’m not sure why but I know this as been logged. You are not alone in it too.

I do know the developers have found a memory leak for xbox consoles. No scheduled fix for it yet.

Let’s :crossed_fingers: and hope soon!

Forgive my ignorance, to what it consist a memory leak and standing to what you are suspecting, could the FPS droppings, stutters and CTDs be due to it?
If this is thrue could the developers fix it?