Gate numbers at airports

When would they implement Gates Number in the game

I wish they would. The current stand numbers aren’t visible on the ground or stand, and don’t match real world stand/gate numbers

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I believe the handcrafted airports are the only ones with real world gate numbers. I’ve flown into KSFO, KLAX, KSEA, and KDEN and all four of those airports have gates numbered correctly as in real life.

Makes flying on Vatsim difficult as you have to cross check the correct stand numbers on charts with the incorrect ones in the sim.

I flew from KDEN yesterday and the B gates (at least the ones on the south side of the concourse) incorrectly had “A” gate numbers on the side of the building

Interesting. I always park at the “A” gates at KDEN when I fly into there in the sim.

However, you say on the side of the building. I will say, at KDEN, the gate numbers on the side of the building are indeed off. On the map of the airport in the menu, the gates are numbered correctly, however the numbers on the building do not match for some reason. When I fly into KLAX and KSEA, the gate numbers on the buildings are correct and do match though.

Yes, the gate number as described by ATC was correct and consistent with real life, just the number on the building was wrong. So sounds like you’ve seen the same issue.