GCLA La Palma Dark

Anyone else have the GCLA La Palma addon?

I just purchased it and loaded it up. First thing I noticed was it was pitch dark on the apron and gates. This does not seem correct. It makes it near unusable at night.


However there are indeed many large light poles. Is this a bug?


probably. You might want to contact SimWings about it.

yeah i couldn’t find a support way for simwings so thought i’d reach out to the community first to see if it was a bug or something on my end

probably Aerosoft would be the best place to go. As far as I know they publish SimWings exclusively.

Ask on their forums and see if Mathis has anything to share.

i made a post

UPDATE: the developer got back to me

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Thanks for the update. Nice to hear the dev responds so quickly

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yes, that was quite refreshing

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