Gear down on airbus thrustmaster add on

i have thrustmaster 3&4 officer add on,gear down dont work,works via logitech assigned buttons up and down .there no allocated bind for down for thrustmaster,also no bind for ENG mode norm

i9 9900kf 32 gig ram gpu 6800xt

Okay, there’s a bit of tweaking that you need to do with the addons.

In Summary: Gear lever works on the TCA Addon. You just need to use the Default Profile as a base, and don’t change anything on the gear binding.

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i had it on 3&4 then set back to 1&2 ,there no auto default bindings
note i am using fly by wire but if 99% bindings work why cant landing gear it just recognize as #21 up

I don’t understand why you would be using at 3&4 mode? A 3&4 mode would suggest you have a full 4-engine set. And even so, the Spoilers/gear addon would be attached to the left side, which is on the Engine 1&2 side of the quadrant.

They have to do it this way because Thrustmaster didn’t make the gear down position as a virtual switch. In other words, only the UP position is a programmable switch (Button 21), but there’s nothing there that can be programmed on the DOWN position.

That’s why MSFS did something in the background of the default profile for the landing gear that both UP and DOWN are both using the same button number 21. But they only do so for the Engine 1&2 mode since that’s where it’ll be attached to anyway.

Yes I relised that I just asumed going 3&4 was to make add on active ,thank you for explaining that to me in a manner I understand .

cheers for doing that

You can use switch/button on and off as separate events so one switch to cover the two events.

Yes you can, but for the purpose of the thrustmaster addon landing gear switch. Even if you assign both landing gear up/down command to the same switch manually, there have been some reports that it doesn’t work. But using the default profile as a base, where the Landing gear up and down commands are bound by default to the same switch. It works.

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