Gear switch problem with fbw a32n and thrustmaster tca pack

Hi guys,
I have the Thrustmaster Airbus pack (side stick, throttle + flaps spoilers addon) and I use the latest updated dev version of FBW.
I created 2 profiles:
1 for the FBW A320N and another for twin engines and GA aircrafts
My settings are button 21 assigned for both gear up and gear down).
Everything works fine except the gear switch with the Airbus. It works for gear up but not for gear down.
With any other aircraft (TBM, B787, Bonanza, Longitude…) it works perfectly with exactly the same assignment (21).
Any tip would be appreciated

Did you try the default profile of the quadrant?

Hi, thanks
The default and the other profile I created work great. But cannot be used with the FBW with the specific throttle calibration
It’s just with the FBW A320. Maybe something on their side. Not that it’s very important and I enjoy the A320 (the one I fly the most at the moment).

It actually works. But you need to do it in a certain way.
When you make another profile, Don’t create a new profile and manually bind the Button 21 to the gear. That won’t work.

You actually have to use the current Default Profile, Duplicate it, then don’t touch the gear binding at all. I think there’s something in the default profile in the background that is set to make the gear work. So don’t touch or rebind anything for the gear commands. Let it be.

That should make it work for FBW A32NX.

Also, make sure you also don’t have any other gear binding from other hardware (like keyboard or your Sidestick profile). Remove them if you do. So that your Gear binding is ONLY from your Thrustmaster quadrant, and they’re untouched from the default (or duplicated from the default) profile.

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Thanks Neo
I will try that; the only other gear assignment I have is on my keyboard (didn’t think of that) I will delete it
Thanks again for your help

Yeah, what I did was I actually create a new blank profile for my Keyboard with only the ESC button bound to the Toggle Pause and Set Pause Off, and nothing else.

It’s to make sure that all the control commands I need are operating from a single source, which is my TCA Sidestick and Quadrant. I only start binding specific commands to my keyboard when I ran out of buttons to use in them when I want to bind more commands that I need.

Good tips! :slight_smile:
thanks Neo

Worked perfectly Neo, I just tried…
Thanks again for your help .