Gee Bee and Staggerwing sound incorrect in multiplayer


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Carenado’s Gee Bee, Waco YMF-5, Seneca, and Staggerwing render sounds incorrectly in multiplayer. When Player 1 is in cockpit view of any aircraft and Player 2 is nearby in one of these planes, the engine sounds render as if Player 2 is zero distance from Player 1. From the external view, the sounds are fine and drop off with distance as expected. … In Carenado’s 337, 170, and 182 Player 2 is silent from Player 1’s perspective. Seminole not tested.

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Gee Bee Multiplayer Sounds - Are Broken (MSFS/Carenado Gee Bee) - YouTube

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Be Player 1. Load anywhere, shut down everything. Player 1’s plane is now silent. Have Player 2 join in Multiplayer near Player 1. Observe full volume sounds played while Player 1 view is in cockpit. Observe sounds fall off with Player 1 Camera < > Player 2 distance when Player 1 uses External, Showcase, or Drone view.

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

Same problem here. If any of those planes are nearby, the sound of those planes is very load within my cockpit, louder than the sounds of my own plane. As soon as they get away a certain (unknown to me) distance the sounds revert to normal.
EDIT: In my case I have experienced it with a Staggerwing flying nearby.

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You can report the Gee Bee and Staggerwing here, but for the Waco and Seneca, those would have to be handled through Carenado support:

Which Gee Bee is it, specifically?

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I believe it occurs with both. We tested more extensively with the Model R-2 after an initial test with the Z. So, R-2 for sure (and shown in the linked video), but expect both.

I’ve reported the others through Carenado Zendesk Ticket #66848, for ease of cross reference if they happen to see this as well.


Thank you. I’m going to add the two Gee Bee tags to your topic. Appreciate the response!


Can confirm, it is the same problem as with the D17.

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Seems to me this is a problem with the setup of their AI soundpack. Because it works fine when I replace it with an AI soundpack that follows the SDK documentation.

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Yep, I believe it’s a problem in one of the compiled packages or in the WWise config, because I see no clues in the plaintext XML. The correct functioning of many, many other planes using wwise, and the fact that it works fine in external view, gives me great hope.

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I’ve caused the same issue in wwise myself in an addon, and I fixed that by configuring the AI audio in wwise correctly. Which is why I don’t think it would be difficult to correct. But I can of course be wrong. Until that happens I’ll enjoy the R2 / Z with a swapped AI sound folder.

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I’m also having this same issue with both Gee Bees as well at the Staggerwing.

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Latest patch notes state “- Fixed audio issue in multiplayer mode” – I will test later.

I posted a clip in the Staggerwing topic, it’s definitely not fixed

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