Geforce Now

Hi guys, I wish I could play this game on the geforce now platform. :airplane:


I’ll be beyond shocked if this happens.

  • GeForce Now installs your selected game every time you start it, imagine having to download and install 90+GB every time

  • Microsoft are launching their own streaming service, that’s where it’ll likely launch

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They should include MSFS on XCloud and release XCloud in Brazil.


Just read about Geforce Now - any news on that?

The RTX 4080 video card is now available on the GeForce NOW interface with a monthly subscription of $20. Sounds pretty good. My question is, when will Microsoft Flight Simulator be available on GeForce NOW?

Does anyone have information?


It would be great if the Steam version were included on Geforce Now but I doubt MSFS will ever be included now since Geforce Now is XCloud’s rival.

Probably never mainly because MSFS is on Xbox Cloud Gaming or if you want to call it Xcloud which is rivaling GeForce Now and many other game streaming services.

“Microsoft says it will bring its Xbox PC games to Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud streaming service”

Maybe there is new hope