General HOTAS Help!

I’m returning to FS after an absence of many generations of the Product. (FS3 i think was the last iteration I had)

I’ve got CH Products Fighterstick/Throttle/Pedals.

Coming from Elite Dangerous, i’ve been able to make use of an excellent online tool EDRefCard, this produces a graphical map of your Control Set, excellent for seeing what you’ve done. Print it out as an Aide Memoir or simply a reference tool for editing or reallocation of functions.
I wish someone somewhere had the equivalent for FS.

In any event, I haven’t a clue what buttons from the CH controllers are mapped to which function. I cannot locate a mapping table where for example: button 7 on the throttle actually shows me what control on the throttle it is referencing.

With the virtually unlimited resources Microsoft has it wouldn’t have been rocket science for them to get in touch with the owner of EDRefCard to implement an excellent idea in their own product.

In any event, can anyone point a grounded pilot to a suitable reference?

its very very easy, connect your controllers, startup the sim, to controller section,
say you wanna add throttle, choose your throttle profile tab, click the scan portion, and move the controller, it detects it.
so in short the sim detects what button , slaider etc you move.
you cna even make more profiles if needed, maybe for heli?
good luck

Downloads and Community Links CH Products, FAQ

PDFs of each controller with labelled buttons/axis and with sample mappings for MSFS 2020. Just print them out and write down what you’ve mapped to each control.