Generated buildings in smaller airfields are massive!

Sorry for the rant but… I am flying more MSFS as I am porting my airfields over to this platform and as I am in I enjoy some roam around as you would.

I am really finding these issues a bit immersion breaking for an otherwise stunning game, both screenshots are default Xplane and default MSFS, you get zero feeling of where you are landing (and that is a big GA airport in UK) in MSFS. Apologies for the different angle, but it does look quite clear, the layout below is absolutely spot on.

Also noted the below in most fields, hangars are totally out of proportion versus what you can expect based on runway length, well in 10 years of PPL and my own experience…probably this can be fixed easily by tweaking their “AI” system; yesterday I landed in one quite small but quirky in Seattle, it actually looked funny how tall they were in a very small strip, this is a biggie really… easily fixable if they want to :slight_smile:

The first one, well they need to allow for community updates without going to download files from the excellent - not for a sim where you can fly anywhere in the world as motto…unless one has days to download thousands of files.

Second one probably bugged someone else here, but gladly it should be an easy fix, I sent a report a few minutes ago.


Plus FANBOYS vade retro, if you are fans of a game your life really needs some reviewing :smiley: things improve with constructive criticism which a new platform needs many to improve for everyone benefit.