Geneva Airport missing in Marketplace

Development update for May 13 lists Geneva Airport as one of the new add-ons available in the Marketplace. It seems to be missing…

Hi there,

In the last community update, Asobo clearly showed that LSGG - Geneva, by Redwing was now available in the Marketplace. I went to look just now as this would be an insta-buy for me, alas I cannot find it! All the others are there that they showed - LFPO / LTBS / etc… Just not LSGG!

Anyone else got this same issue?


Yes, same here.

Yes it is missing for me as well. Hope they add it soon!

According to RedWing you can only buy it at SimMarket … see link.

You will have your reasons that it is not yet available on the Marketplace. Are there many known problems (delays in updates e.c.t)

Hi all,
I am escalating this to the community team for investigation.


Hello everyone, thank you for notifying us!
Indeed the LSGG Geneva airport was missing on the Marketplace and most likely be added this week!

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Hi @GSPAV1 , @B747Captain9462 , @Shack952514 , @Reinier044 , @JazzSam , just want to make sure you see the response in the post, above.


Thanks for the heads up!

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THX for the Info…

Looking forward to this, was looking for a MSFS2020 version of LSGG a little while ago and was disappointed not to find it - Was based there for just a little under 5yrs so a lot of nostalgia for me!

LSGG is now in the game marketplace for a while already.

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