Get rid of the snow on runways, taxiways, aprons and roads

I’d like to have an option to get rid of ALL snow even on live weather.

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I 100% agree with removing snow from runways and taxiways and leaving behind a texture that somewhat indicates, that the runway has recently been cleared of snow. I just did a flight from Yellowknife CYZF to CYJM and I wasn’t able to find the actual runway in my first attempt because it was completely hidden underneath a layer of snow. That’s simply not realistic. Knowing Asobo this will either never or in a few month’s time be fixed. I hope this post gets more upvotes.


Flying in Swirzerland with real weather and time is beautiful. Landscape covered with snow OK, but runways on airfield in altitude are not cleared of snow as they shoud be and are in reality. Makes landing difficult !
please correct.


That would be cool.

Exactly, this is ridiculous

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There should also be no snow on the roads. Shouldn’t this issue rather be classified as a bug?

I found a bug-thread on this topic but unfortunately it was closed and you can no longer vote in it:

@moderators Would be great if the threads or at least the votes could be merged.

Yet another thread here:

I just did my first flight with snow and just WOW it looks fantastic and so real. I flew in Colorado IRL and it looks EXACTLY like it is in the game so well done MiSobo :slight_smile:

However I immediately saw the issue highlighted in this thread - runways and taxiways even at major airports are totally snowed over and very difficult to locate and track.

Some sort of exclusion needs to be added where airport surfaces = just 5% covered with snow. Totally free of snow will not look realistic. A slight cover will show snow but will keep the dark taxiway and runway surfaces visible.

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I agree while it’s snowing the runway shouldn’t be totally snow free (depends on temperature), but a couple of hours after it stopped snowing they usually have the runway completely snow free. In MSFS the snow can stay on the runway for weeks without snowfall. Same for the roads.

There is also a problem in MSFS with some textures being completely covered in snow and others not, so you get these square snow free patches which look strange.


+1 here my posts keep getting close, this should be the main topic about this issue. Innsbruck totally unrealistic in Winter, these austrians are on it with clearance!


Flight sim… not so reality!!


The “cleared snow” look does exist in the sim, and it looks pretty good. The example below shows it on the right hand side of the picture. The problem seems to be how the sim assigns this effect - I have edited the default PANC using ADE2020 to try and duplicate this look on other taxiways with no result, just more snow covered taxiways. Not sure how to figure this one out.


Just flew into Geneva, Switzerland. It’s lightly snowing in Europe at the moment, so thinking barely covered roads mostly melting on contact.
This is what I see at Geneva

Absolutely completely the wrong way round, fields and airport grass clear of snow relatively (actually displaying a good amount for the snow fall)
The taxiway and roads outside the airport are completely covered in snow!
Taxiways get cleared fast!

MSFS seems to have snow coverage based on texture darkness.

Darker patches of tarmac have no or patial snow coverage.
Light textures will be completely covered in snow.

It’s very difficult for add-on developers to make it look good, almost impossible actually.

You are absolutely right; whilst trytng to land at ESGG (Sweden) I got totally disorientated by rectangular black strips, thinking they were ponds of some kind. In the end I tch down beautifully on snowy grass bwteen runways :frowning:

The logic seems to be very wrong. Taxiways with the bright green lights are now hardly visible . It all looked far more realistic with FS9. Maybe California should move to Alaska!

Share Katana’s input on how runways and taxiways should be shown. Both should be windblown with the runways having less snow due to the thrust of the engines and the wind downwash from the wings. Love your pictures. Great examples.

If they can’t figure it out maybe it’s best to leave the runway and taxiways completely uncovered, which probably looks more realistic than what we have now.


It would be nice if the sim ended up with something similar to the third party ground textures in FSX, where the runway could be cleared, but there are wind-driven wisps of blowing snow and fingers of snow extending onto the pavement.

And please also remove snow/ice over big lakes like lake Geneva that is being shown completely white. Such big water areas won’t freeze.

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heh that’s joke really! Today started after while the sim and what I saw is absolutelly amazing (with negative) all runways and taxiways completelly covered with snow. I don’t know really, I’m tired, is any logical reason to have this coverage functional? I think airport service stuff do nothing within day/night. I think generally all APN (also in GA airports) can be without snow cover, airports with hard surfaces as runw and txw without doubts. If I see this topic date, I’m really surprised about long time problem.

Picture: really I’m not sure where txw lines are… eeeehm forget to say → VOTED!!!

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heh I can say only one, due not functional weather and this snow cover problem is simply impossible fly also on Vatsim, really bad experience now after some time again. No one can imagine what problems can put this snow cover and weather problems to good feel and expected joy to this sim…