Getting arrival ATIS

Does anybody know how to get arrival ATIS when flying the A320 without leaving the ATC frequency? I’m looking for a real-world experience and while normally able to get ATIS via ACARS, I can’t seem to find a way to tune in the ATIS so that I can get weather information to plug into the performance data on the A320.

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ACARS weather is sent via ARINC request for the D-ATIS information, and as far as I can see none of that is modeled currently. You should be able to tune COM2 to the ATIS frequency and listen to it there.

I usually tune ATIS on Comm2. You need to note down the frequency when you are at the world map as I do not think it is available while you are flying.

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I don’t know the answer, but I thing the whole ATC “conversion tree” is still kind of limited: e.g. especially on smaller airports I often end up in the “ground control conversation branch”, but there does not seem to be an (obvious) way to e.g. get back to the “tower conversation branch” to e.g. request permission for another take-off (and once I do take off the tower shouts at me like “you had no permission for take-off!”).

Also, when I do an IFR flight I never get presented the option to call ATIS: I think I even tried to manually enter the radio frequency manually (also for the tower), but the ATC “communication menu” would not offer me any options to request the desired information (but maybe I did it wrong).

Anyway, I actually saw it in some YouTube tutorial by some real A320 pilot (showing how to land the A320 with ILS) that he also entered the weather data into the “computer” (sorry, I am a flight sim noob, I don’t even know what the “computer” is actually called in the A320 ;)). In his tutorial he was somehow able to select the “Get nearest airport” in the ATC menu and then get it from the target airport via ATIS (in my case the “Get nearest airport” option was never shown so far, when doing an IFR flight from A to B).

So far I simply used the “Weather” app from my mobile phone to get that data :wink: duck and cover

Btw. is that data actually considered during the ILS approach, or is the “computer” simply displaying that data (but actually not using it)? Anyone knows?

Yeah I’ve tried that. Typically, COM2 will receive ATIS info when I’m within 100 miles from the airport. At that point, I’m already on a portion of the STAR and already needing the arrival info for the PERF Data

Yup, that’s why i usually fetch METAR enroute and set altimeter before i get on the STAR according to arrival, but i do indeed miss ATC queries for current QNH/ALT

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