Getting Kinda Frustrating

This is Getting Kinda Frustrating.

The posts are purely speculation at this point.

We need a new Official update with some red meat to chew on:

Will '24 have the suprememo Graphics engine with Ray/Path Tracing etc etc?

Is the tire friction and (landing) physics a big improvement?

Is there going to proper ground services and a game / career mode?

Can I have my own house and drive to airport to start the job?

Will '24 make history and be the first ever flight sim featuring rodents?


I’ll have whatever you’re drinking…




Jorg said that they may come out with an update in spring 2024, so don’t hold your breath.

If you really are expecting FS2024 to tick all your boxes, you should take a look at the outstanding bug/wish lists. Many of these are years old, and some have even been regressions introduced by the updated software and never resolved; but if you’re happy with the progress which has been made, extrapolate it by one year, add in the known extra content that FS2024 will have (including careers) and you will see roughly what you are likely to get.

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Just the tip of the iceberg probably.
Pretty sure I remember reading somewhere there is a massive budget, with hundreds of developers working on it.

Also, need an update with a breakdown on the performance/multicore improvements!

Frustrated by something that’s beyond the horizon? Come on… They won’t release this in January.

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Calm yourself Little One,…All will be well !

There ya go Liebchen’s,…Another excellent Up Date !


Will people keep wasting others time posting this stuff on an almost daily basis?


yes as there is no info from asobo xD
these type of posts won’t stop.

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That will be up to Micrsoft’s PR schedule. These posts won’t change anything.

Yes, there will be R.O.U.S.s in the sim.

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As more information on the new simulator becomes available, you can monitor News & Announcements forum for details. This thread has run it’s course. Thanks.