Getting Started: How to generate the key codes?

I am a real FS beginner. And, I am stuck at the very beginning.
I’m running FS on a PC with a Logitech yoke/throttle quadrant and foot pedals.
I’ve elected to do the Flight Training, and I get stuck right there on the basic lesson. The instructor is showing the external camera view and then tells us to use T5 to switch to the cockpit view.
Now, I have finally realized that T5 refers to a switch on one of my controllers. But when I click the button next to the T5 switch, nothing happens.
When I go into the control setup screen, and I see that when I click the T5 button, it generates something like A2 or A1, or C1. I forget which.
In any case, I don’t find any switch on my yoke that appears as or generates T5.
I know that must should really stupid on my part. But, I would like to get past this.

Thanks for your help.

Hey we all start somewhere!

It’s possible you need to work on binding your controls or make sure the default profile is selected. It may be helpful to use this video as a guide for setting up your peripherals.

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