Getting tired... too many issues to report

Just installed the new 1.12.13 update, and decided to go enjoy flying. Took the DA42NG for a ride, started at the parking all dark, then realized the PFD is pretty much messed up and missing.
OK… Switched to my next favorite plane the 172SP, (Non G1000), again cold and dark, going to insert the fuel shutoff valve… it’s jumps right off ! no way to insert it so there is no fuel supply to the engine.
For all of you saying these are small issues… CD Project Red the creators of cyberpunk 2077 potentially facing a lawsuit over their buggy release while we the simmers are a little more tolerant.

Don’t get me wrong… I like the sim and appreciate the hard work MS/Asobo put together, however i feel that rather than enjoy it, I’m sitting right now, instead writing bug / issue reports at zendesk :smile:

I guess this is part of it…


Although I’m still playing but I also totally agreed with you !:+1:t2: As we are facing the truth but not hiding anything for anyone!:v:t2:


Did you try emptying your “community” folder?


Shut off valve in the C1720 stays in (you can start the engine), it just visually jumps out.

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This will become the “did you try turning it off and on again” joke of MSFS ? :sweat_smile:


New annoying issues arising after each update become a tradition… there are too many I found out, but no longer feel like reporting any of them, kinda fed up.


Move. Community. Folder. Please. :slight_smile:


ditto :woozy_face: :woozy_face: :woozy_face:


actually, it was mentioned in the release notes … as if you didn’t it could cause issues

I visit the forums every day and you’d be surprised at the number of “I’m tired” posts that are caused by addon incompatibility so yes emptying the community folder solves 80% of problems in this forum :sweat_smile:


There is a super valid reason for this, if MSFS goes down we are stuck with X-Plane and P3D and their last century graphics
Is this what you want?

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We don’t want them to go down, we just want them to deliver on the marketing material.


Community folder is empty all default

There should be some level of functionality or at least fix the critical / important issues first. Until all planes flies and functions without glitches, and approaches work 100% it will always be incomplete sim.

Now seriously. I’m spending more time in writing bug reports than playing and enjoying flying the sim. Is that acceptable ?

There is so many bugs and issues that has been reported months ago and were never fixed.


You’re doing something wrong. So many people can enjoy this sim.

A ‘certain’ level IS reached.

100% is never going to happen (with no software at all).

I’m feeling very tired as well, regardless of the fact that I can enjoy much of the sim. This last update was pretty large, and the release notes show a lot of attention to the airliners. Yet, today I fired up the 747, created a flight plan from Tucson to San Diego and all went well for a while. Then after final descent to 2000’ the ATC never issued me a final approach- I just continued endlessly west over the ocean. So, I figured “OK, lets just turn around and do a VFR landing.” Well, as soon as I turned the AP off the plane wanted to bank severely. I finally straightened it out and completed a turn to approach RWY 9,. Then I tried turning off SPEED, or clicking HDG, or turning off NAV. The text said "Disengage HDG, or “Disengage Speed”, etc. but although I clicked on them, the indicator lights never went off. It seemed like most AP functions went haywire. ATC never did clear me for landing either.

How frustrating, and more annoying because the release notes made it sound like a lot of attention had been given to the big jets. IMHO, they are still not useable. After these many months and these many Sim Updates, this is inexcusable. Even FS9, 17 years old, worked flawlessly in this regard. Yet, we still get World Updates…more scenery, better scenery (the scenery has never been the weak point of FS2020!!) while obvious and crucial Flight Sim necessities go unfixed.


Stuck with a sim that actually simulates real planes and flying.


Yeah I’ll stay stuck.

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The only level it reached is flying a 152 in the pattern without approaches or advanced avionics.
Fly full real life flight in IFR from point A to B without having at least 3 issues is still impossible.
The Sim is very close to be there but its the little glitches yet critical that ruing the experience.
I can’t even load saved flights without crash the sim so what else can I say ?

I stick with: “you’re doing something wrong”

I stick with “you dont know what your talking about” . There are many many issues with this “game”.