Ghost Image

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Brief description of the issue:A ghost image of a radar and a pointer arrow are appearing off and on, (mostly on), on all screens in MSFS2020.
How do I get rid of it?

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Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered: As soon as the app starts the image appears when I move the mouse.

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Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: don’t remember.

Are you on the Steam or Microsoft Store version? Steam

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See this topic… the image is not the same, but I suspect you have something similar going on. So other software on your machine might be producing the radar.

You got the nahemic audio drivers? I believe left alt + 1 will get rid of this

I had Sonic running was setting inself to turn on it’s radar image when it scanned new software. Turned it off, image is gone.
Thanks for the tip.

Closing as this has been answered