[GHOSTBUSTER] Multiplayer Ghost Effect

Hey there!
What do you think about remove the ghost effect of the other plane during multiplyer? Every time you made a flight with friends they become ghost if i get to close!! That isn’t real in the real life… No?? :roll_eyes:

Irl if you get too close you lose your license.
I think the ghosting thing is an ok solution, also ‘against’ all them just spawning on the runway on top of you when lining up for departure, and people just taxiing away in no order and sometimes head on on your path.

An ok Solution really? What about people that want to fly a bit close to each others? Ok solution not at all, a toggle option yes why not.

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Totally agree, this is something they need to make an option because I want to fly much tighter formation with my friends than the fade out allows.

As a workaround, I have found that shrinking the bounding box on converted aircraft reduces the fade out distance significantly. I imagine it works the same with the base aircraft as well, but we shouldn’t have to modify all of the aircraft just to join in formation!

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