Ghosting on Aircraft/Objects

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Brief description of the issue:

In Microsoft Flight Simulator, there seems to be a weird ghosting effect on aircraft’s/objects. It’s especially visible at a low altitude and in cloudy weather.

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered:

MSFS Ghosting Issue - YouTube
MSFS Ghosting Issue 2 - YouTube

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

  1. Load into Sim
  2. Select Aircraft, in my case “Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet”
  3. Select weather, in my case “Overcast”
  4. Select airport, in my case “KOKC” on runway “35L”
  5. Take off and fly but stay near ground level

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:

Lenovo Legion T5-28IMB05 - Type 90NC Pre-built Desktop
Nvidia GTX 1660 Super
32GB 3600 MHz DDR4

In this video, you can see when I take off there’s a weird ghosting effect. It gets more noticeable when I start rolling.

In this video, you can see the ghosting effects on the objects in the background, as well as some of the ghosting flickering on the aircraft near the wings and the landing gear.

I’ve seen that before, so it’s not just you.

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I see this a lot - my impression is it is somehow related to the clouds - very obvious ghosting when flying in overcast conditions (using real weather). Yesterday I was observing an AI jet departing Heathrow into low overcast and the ghosting was shocking. I’d never seen it as bad as that before.

i7-10700 / RTX3070 / DX11

The YT video linked below is exactly one year old, so this isn’t a new issue - skip to 12m 36s elapsed and observe the ghosting effect trailing the starboard wing as the Hawk rolls. 'House-Hunting' in Russia. Residence # 1 - Vyborg Bay, St. Petersburg - YouTube

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This is temporal ghosting often seen with DLSS high performance modes (which I don’t think your 1660 even has), raising graphics quality probably helps but would come with an fps hit and is obviously not ideal when flying fast jets. IMO upgrading to a RTX card is the most likely solution but in the meantime I suggest you mess around with the latency setting in NVCP.

This isn’t a bug, but it is a side effect of TAA. Switch to clear skies and it will be hardly noticeable. It’s not a bug either in the classic sense, in that it is working as intended, but has these effects.

Here’s a video I uploaded back in February 2021 showing the effect. It’s been there since release.

It’s at its worst when there are clouds behind the object moving. When I first saw it, a trail behind another plane on my flank, I thought it was some kind of vapour trail.

Also, notice how smooth London used to be back then. <sigh>


Are you certain? I can’t remember any hand built buidings from those days

Pretty sure, yes.


Ah then it may have been a LOD thing … of course I saw a few … houses of parliament, st pauls etc. but the nokiaphone and guerkin never looked like that on my then low end rig

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You had a hand built building standing right next to the PG HSBC building. It was quite jarring. :slight_smile:

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True … more words

Interesting, I have been experimenting with DLSS and various RTX graphics options including DX12 to see what works best. The London building video posted above - I see that effect too and for sure it’s the clouds that cause the effect then…I guess I’ll wait to see how things work out - it’s good to know that it’s not just me. Thanks guys for posting.

Is this when you can se “traces” or tracks from the graphics? Its very easy to spot when going down a runway (against the grey surface). It’s like…if this i the plane >> its getting low opacity marks after it. > > > > >>. I though this had to do with my screen (LG 27GL83a).

I use DLSS quality at various screen resolutions and don’t seem to suffer so I believe the PC’s specs are probably responsible be it PCIe gen, core speed or ram speed/latency. Drive speed I think we can discount as MSFS runs from ram and this is not scenery.

Can you clarify this some, as I highly doubt “we want to add ghosting artifacts” was ever a feature consideration.

Btw, this isn’t just in the clouds. I sometimes see it in the plane’s ground shadow when taxiing.

RX 6600XT
16 GB @ 2666MHz (no higher XPO)
4K native, render scale @ 70%

It is a side effect of the way Temporal Anti Aliasing works, and is not an MSFS issue specifcally.

When combining pixels sampled in past frames with pixels sampled in the current frame, care needs to be taken to avoid blending pixels that contain different objects, which would produce ghosting or motion-blurring artifacts.

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It’s probably worth mentioning that poor monitor response times can induce ghosting/smearing, this used to drive me crazy when watching football on my old plasma tv.

PS. that’s proper football otherwise known as soccer :wink:

More interesting feedback thanks. I can confirm in my case that DX11 / DLSS Super Resolution / Quality / VSYNC on dramatically minimized the ghosting - except it does cause significant blurring on the A32NX PFD (speed & altitude tapes blurry). I think I can live with that. My monitor (and sim) run in native 2K at (I believe) 60Hz. Testing with FSLTL (static only set to 4) at fairly frame punishing locations such as EGLL / KJFK / LFPG - real weather on - getting around 30-35 FPS on an i7-10700 / 16Gb / RTX3070 which is pretty good. I am not using the latest Nvidia driver (but the one prior) as the feedback was pretty negative. So I’m on the fence for updating that - perhaps after SU12 drops and I’ve experimented with the settings.

True, although that is an artefact of the display device itself, whereas this is an artefact of TAA. That ghosting of the display would affect any fast moving object. Some may remember watching snooker on TV, and seeing a vapour trail behind the balls! :slight_smile:

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RTX upgrade has nothing to do with it. Mine is RTX and this issue persists on all graphic cards.

I daresay but as I’m not using Temporal Antialiasing but DLSS (quality) with all graphics maxed and not flying an F-18 it doesn’t seem to affect me, not that I’m even going to try to replicate it. It’s a known fact that TAA can cause this kind of artifacting so why is it being reported as an MSFS bug?